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About The Counsellor

A teacher by profession, a guide by passion. Even though the two professions often overlap and complement each other, she aspires to be the best of both worlds.
With an experience in teaching for more than 25 years in many renowned Public Schools in India, she wishes to put her best and help students identify their true passions and their purpose of life.
  • +5 Years of Experience of Counselling
  • Masters of Arts
  • B.Ed
  • Ph.D
  • Green Belt Certification in Global Career Counselling
By teaching many students for such a long period, she understands the gap between what students love and what they actually end up pursuing as a career. She aims to help students identify their skills, interests, and their personality to guide them into choosing the right career.
She firmly believes that every child is unique and is blessed with special skills for a specific mission on earth. It is our passion that makes all the difference and one should choose a profession of what he or she is passionate about so that their life becomes enjoyable and also meaningful.