About The Counsellor
  • +5 Years of Experience of Counselling
  • Masters of Arts
  • B.Ed
  • Ph.D
  • Green Belt Certification in Global Career Counselling
A teacher by profession, a guide by passion. Even though the two professions often overlap and complement each other, she aspires to be the best of both worlds.
With an experience in teaching for more than 25 years in many renowned Public Schools in India, she wishes to put her best and help students identify their true passions and their purpose of life.
Journey Of Career wings
The importance of career has increased drastically in today’s time when so many new careers have come into existence. Being a mother of two kids she realized how difficult it is for a student to decide his career as all careers seem to be alluring and mind-baffling.
As this is a decision which is very crucial for a child as it changes his whole life, he cannot afford to decide his future in the state of confusion. After a lot of struggles, she could help her children choose the right path based on their passions. But she realized that there are many more teenagers all over the world who need guidance, and now, she is dedicated to help as many children much as possible in achieving their goals of life. Anyway, the journey has just begun and has to go far away.

Why Career Wings

Career Wings is one such place that aims at connecting with the students personally, knowing their strengths, potentials and channelising them in the right direction best for them.
We are aware of the importance of the parents’ involvement in the career journey of their child and this is the reason why we conduct one-on-one sessions with both parents and students

We emphasise on the PSPG model of counselling :

  • P - Personality
  • S - Skills
  • P - Potential
  • G - Guidance